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Skupina zelených/Európska slobodná aliancia


Írsko - Green Party (Írsko)

Dátum narodenia : , Waterford

Domovská stránka Grace O'SULLIVAN


Výbor pre životné prostredie, verejné zdravie a bezpečnosť potravín
Výbor pre rybárstvo
Delegácia pre vzťahy s Palestínou
Delegácia pri Euro-latinskoamerickom parlamentnom zhromaždení


Delegácia pre vzťahy s krajinami Mercosuru

Nedávne činnosti

Situácia v oblasti základných práv v Európskej únii - výročná správa za roky 2018 – 2019 (A9-0226/2020 - Clare Daly) EN

Písomné vysvetlenia hlasovania

I was happy to vote in favour of the report on the Situation of Fundamental Rights in the EU for the years 2018 - 2019. The aim of this report is to call attention to the areas where fundamental rights are being overlooked or threatened in the EU. It contains progressive and constructive calls for improvement in important areas such as gender equality; media freedom; the rights of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants; and prison conditions.
I am pleased that through the amendments process at the committee stage, the Greens/EFA Group successfully reinforced wording on freedom of assembly, investigative journalism and whistle-blowing; rule of law including the independence of judiciary; data protection; prison conditions in the EU; equal treatment and anti-racism including structural racism; sexual health and reproductive rights; and the concerns about shrinking space for civil society.
Fundamental rights are not guaranteed in the EU or anywhere in the world and violations of such rights should always be called out.

Odstránenie ciel na určité výrobky (A9-0217/2020 - Bernd Lange) EN

Písomné vysvetlenia hlasovania

It has been Greens/EFA stance not to support favourable trade deals with non-signatories of the Paris Agreement, which requires all Parties to combat climate change and adapt to its effects. For the time being, the USA is not committed to this most fundamental promise to our planet and to future generations. We hope to see this change under the next administration, however we believe this principle should be upheld as long as the US remains out of the Agreement. For this reason we have abstained on this report.
In addition, it is regrettable that the Commission has moved to strike this 'mini trade deal' with the USA without any consultation of those citizens most impacted by the decision. Our small-scale fishers, coastal communities and hospitality sector have suffered greatly from the impact of COVID19. This decision to reduce tariffs on US lobster threatens the market for high-quality European lobster which supports the livelihoods of families across the Eastern Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Sea.

Právo na umelé prerušenie tehotenstva v Poľsku (B9-0373/2020) EN

Písomné vysvetlenia hlasovania

I voted in favour of this resolution, which condemns the systemic degradation of the rule of law in Poland, emphasises the illegitimacy of the Constitutional Tribunal and strongly condemns the denial of access to abortion and the violation of fundamental rights.
My colleagues Sylwia Spurek and Terry Reintke managed to incorporate important Green demands in order to produce a comprehensive final text, including calls for the expansion of the current Article 7 procedure and for the Commission to address the latest developments in the context of the procedure, for unimpeded access to abortion care and all sexual and reproductive health care services, for inclusive language on rights of LGBTI+ persons, and for condemnation of excessive violence employed by law enforcement against protestors.


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Absolute pleasure to spend time wih these great young Tipperary people. Thanks @tippcomhairle 

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