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Skupina naprednega zavezništva socialistov in demokratov v Evropskem parlamentu


Poljska - Sojusz Lewicy Demokratycznej (Poljska)

Datum rojstva : , Łódź

Domov Marek BELKA


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Finančna pomoč državam članicam in državam, ki se pogajajo o pristopu k Uniji, na katere močno vplivajo izredne razmere večjih razsežnosti v javnem zdravju EN

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. – Honourable Members, this situation is like none of the crises that the EU has faced until now. In the times of peace, we have never faced a crisis, which began with a lack of mobility of people, not only in our countries, not only in the EU. Worldwide.
For such special times, we need special responses. We need to forget about the deficits, or limits as we have known them. Still, some rules must apply. I see that the Commission has understood it and has proposed various mechanisms to ease the effects that this virus causes. Understanding that the EU budget is not unlimited, the Commission has done a lot to help national states to find ‘a cure’ for this crisis. Amongst many steps, I welcome the concrete funds, easing the rules for state aid, facilitating the use of flexibility in the Stability and Growth Pact or joint purchases of safety equipment and coordinating bringing EU citizens back home. Also finding the funds to invest in research for a vaccination against COVID should be applauded.
At the same time, I need to stress two issues.
First, as a crucial matter is to guarantee liquidity in order, mainly, to minimise a rapid growth of unemployment, I think that we need to make sure that the support and state aid go to companies that do not fire people. Secondly, from an economic perspective, we cannot allow any solutions on the EU level to distinguish between eurozone and non-eurozone Member States. Our citizens are all European and all of them suffer from this crisis. A crisis in one of our countries will have a spill-over effect on the community as a whole.
Nevertheless, I believe we need to agree a shared framework for quarantine, testing and containment strategies so that we implement it together. Otherwise, we might extend this crisis and the waves of infections might return.
Unity is something we need in the EU now more than ever. If we do not show it, eurosceptics and populists will raise on the smouldering ruins of our economies, foreshadowing the end of our European Community.
The last few weeks have proven that we need more Europe. Maybe this is a lesson to be learned? Let us remember that people do not want to aim for change up until they see a necessity for it. And this necessity for more Europe is now!