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Delegationen till den gemensamma parlamentarikerkommittén EU-Turkiet


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Utskottet för transport och turism
Utskottet för rättsliga frågor
Delegationen för förbindelserna med Arabiska halvön

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Turism och transport under 2020 och därefter (RC-B9-0166/2020, B9-0166/2020, B9-0175/2020, B9-0177/2020, B9-0178/2020, B9-0180/2020, B9-0182/2020, B9-0184/2020) BG

Skriftliga förklaringar

Гласувах в подкрепа на резолюцията за транспорта и туризма, тъй като тя призовава за предприемането на силно необходими и навременни мерки за възстановяване на един от най-тежко засегнатите сектори след пандемията на COVID-19.
С резолюцията припомняме позицията на парламента за възстановяване на функционалността на границите въз основава на принципа на не-дискриминация, при еднакви условия и третиране между всички-държави членки и техни граждани със сходна епидемична обстановка. Настояваме и Комисията да отдаде нужната значимост на туристическия сектор при оформяне на пакета за възстановяване, без това да доведе до допълнителна административна тежест. Не на последно място подчертаваме и важността при изготвянето на следващата многогодишна финансова рамка да бъде добавена специална бюджетна линия за устойчив туризъм, както и специален, целеви финансов инструмент за туризма и подчертаваме необходимостта да бъдат разгледани и оценени нов подходи спрямо достъпа до Европа на туристи от трети страни, например чрез въвеждане на онлайн заявления за виза.

Rekommendationer om förhandlingarna om ett nytt partnerskap med Förenade konungariket Storbritannien och Nordirland (A9-0117/2020 - Kati Piri, Christophe Hansen) EN

Skriftliga förklaringar

I voted in favour of the resolution because the withdrawal of the UK from the EU affects millions of citizens and it is time to move forward with negotiations on the future relationship. The EU and its Member States have to remain united throughout the negotiation and send a strong political signal because no real progress has been achieved, with the exception of very small openings in a limited number of areas. Therefore, any agreement on a new relationship between the EU and the UK must be coherent and adapted to the geographical proximity of both parties and to the high level of interconnectedness of both parties’ economies.

Konferens om Europas framtid (B9-0170/2020, B9-0179/2020) EN

Skriftliga förklaringar

I voted in favour of the resolution on the Conference on the future of Europe because 10 years after the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty and 70 years after the Schuman Declaration it is time to take a critical look at the state of our European democracy and decision-making processes. The financial and economic crisis, the migration crisis, the internal and the external challenges, and the recent COVID19 pandemic proved that EU is far from being a completed project. In many cases, we failed to ensure solidarity and coordination that are needed to move our union forward. Therefore, the Council and the Commission have to engage in negotiations to find common agreement on the establishment of the Conference on the Future of Europe before the summer break. It is time the Council to overcome the differences and despite the COVID19 pandemic to come with concrete plan because this the Conference on the Future of Europe will be an opportunity to rethink our union and hear the voices of the citizens.


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RT @RenewEurope: 🇲🇰🇪🇺 Enlargement: We welcome the presentation of the draft negotiating frameworks for Albania & #NorthMacedonia. "It is important that the text incorporates the revised enlargement methodology, which makes the process more credible", @ilhankyuchyuk. More👉 

Happy to see that after a long negotiation process the @EU_Commission finally presented to the @EUCouncil the draft negotiating frameworks for #Albania and #NorthMacedonia. The proposals are based on the new enlargement methodology. 

RT @OliverVarhelyi: Another important step for #Albania & #NorthMacedonia! Today we outline frameworks for the conduct of #EU accession negotiations w both countries. I look forward to discussions w Member States&to holding as soon as possible the first accession conferences.