Status of magazines / loading devices  


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“Loading devices themselves, including magazines, are not restricted per se. Semi-automatic centre fire firearms which allow the firing of more than a certain number of rounds without reloading will now become Category A firearms only if a loading device with a capacity exceeding that capacity is inserted into it or is part of the firearm”, stressed Vicky Ford (ECR, UK).

Member states are able to give authorisation for such Category A firearms for sport shooters, existing holders, collectors, reservists and certain other specialist users.

People with a Category B firearm who are found in possession of a high capacity magazine will risk having their authorisation to hold firearms removed unless they have a Category A authorisation. There is no restriction on re-applying for an authorisation in the future.

New purchases of high capacity magazines are restricted to those with a Category A authorisation.

“This was a major issue for the 28 national government ministers in the Council and the European Commission who both proposed an overall ban on all high-capacity magazines. This was rejected by Parliament as impractical to enforce. This intermediate approach was accepted by negotiators representing the majority of the members of the European Parliament in order to achieve agreement”, said Ms Ford.