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A delegation of the EP’s Foreign Affairs Committee, led by MEP Laima Andrikienė, visited Moldova and Ukraine on 3-6 April, to take stock of the implementations of European reforms.

MEPs met with the authorities and civil society of two countries to assess the relations with the EU, the implementation of the Association Agreements, to encourage reforms and the fight against corruption. The results will feed into the European Parliament’s resolutions on the implementation of the Association Agreement in Ukraine and Moldova to be drawn up later this year.


“Our message to both countries is very clear - we want to support Ukraine and Moldova in the implementation of the Association Agreement and to see quick progress in terms of reforms, especially as regards the rule of law and democratisation”, said delegation chair Laima Andrikienė (EPP, LT) after the visit.




Commenting on delegation’s visit to Moldova Ms Andrikienė said: „We stressed that if there is a will to deliver on reforms, the EU, including the European Parliament, will be there to support Moldova.


We advocated further increase in trade, but also better transport links and energy interconnections with the EU, to support economic and social development in Moldova, for the benefit of all citizens.


The delegation also had a frank exchanges about the challenging issues such as the new electoral law, the media sector reform, the justice reform, some questionable cases of prosecution, the fight against corruption and – last but not least - the investigation of the bank fraud. Cracking down on corruption and delivering results in the bank fraud investigations is of utmost importance. Reforming the judiciary and ensuring an independent media are also key.”




“We support Ukraine for the reforms that have been passed so far, with great efforts and mobilization. We welcome in particular the steps forward in areas such as public procurement, macro-economic stabilisation, healthcare, pension reform, the decentralisation process and privatisation. Reforms have taken place despite the Russian military aggression that is ongoing on its soil. This is not a frozen conflict and this should not be a forgotten conflict”, said Ms. Andrikienė on delegation’s visit to Ukraine.


“An effective fight against corruption is key to the reform process. In this respect, the establishment of the High Anti-corruption Court in line with Venice Commission recommendations is a top priority. Fighting corruption is also the way to open doors to foreign investors who need a reliable business environment to bring new economic opportunities to Ukraine, to increase trade and boost jobs. This is an opportunity for Ukraine to seize”, she added.


In addition to Ms Andrikienė, the EP’s delegation was composed of five MEPs: Michael Gahler (EPP, DE), Dariusz Rosati (EPP, PL), Doru Frunzulica (S&D, RO), Petras Auštrevičius (ALDE, LT) and Helmut Scholz (GUE/NGL, DE).