Guy Verhofstadt: EP Brexit steering group welcomes the positive progress made in the negotiations 


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Guy Verhofstadt (ALDE, BE), the European Parliament’s Brexit Coordinator, today issued a statement on behalf of the Brexit Steering Group:

“We welcome the positive progress made in the negotiations by Michel Barnier and his team, who have consistently fought for the interests of the European Union. We look forward to being fully apprised of the details of the withdrawal agreement during European Parliament's Conference of Presidents tomorrow morning at 11h00 (CET) by Michel Barnier, the EU's chief negotiator.

It is encouraging to see that we are moving towards a fair deal that should ensure an orderly withdrawal, including a backstop guaranteeing that there will be no hardening of the Northern Irish/Irish border and that the Good Friday Agreement will be safeguarded. This deal is a milestone towards a credible and sustainable future relationship between the EU and the UK

It is now up to elected Parliamentarians on both sides of the Channel to do their work and scrutinise the proposed deal, including the political declaration and the framework for future relationship. Throughout the Article 50 negotiations, we have fought for a people – first Brexit, and we are committed to forensically monitor closely the implementation of the citizen's rights parts of the agreement. The European Parliament will have the final say, along with the UK Parliament, on the deal.”

Composition of European Parliament’s Brexit Steering Group: