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European elections results 


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A new, dynamic website contains all results from past and present European elections and is now available in all official EU languages offers overall European election results, including national breakdowns, once details are transmitted by national authorities.

European elections 1979-2014

The website contains the composition of all outgoing European Parliaments since 1984, breakdowns by national parties and political groups since 1979 and all results at national level since 2009. The site also offers information on trends in European elections, for example on gender balance.

A dynamic and interactive website

  • The comparative tool can compare data between different elections.
  • Users can also explore possible parliamentary coalitions with the majority calculator once the first official projections are made available on 26 May.
  • A widget can tailor the website to your needs. It will publish historical results of European elections on your website and provide live results.
  • Download datasheets in open data formats (json, xml and csv) and graphic image formats (jpg and png).