European political parties and political foundations: ensuring that EU values are respected  

Δελτία Τύπου 

Κοινοποίηση αυτής της σελίδας: 

The Conference of Presidents appointed two persons to the committee of independent eminent persons to support the work of the Authority for the European Political Parties and European Political Foundations in upholding the values of the European Union.

The eminent persons appointed by the Conference of Presidents (the President of the Parliament and the Presidents of the political groups) are the former Chair of the Constitutional Affairs Committee, Carlo Casini, and Maria Emilia Casas, former Chair of the Spanish Constitutional Tribunal.

As stated in the regulation (art.11) on the renewal of European political parties and foundations, as of 1 January 2017, the members of the committee are selected on the basis of their personal and professionals qualities. They are neither members of the European Parliament nor hold any electoral mandate and are independent in the performance of their duties.


The Authority for European Political Parties and European Political Foundations (the 'Authority') can call upon the committee to examine a matter relating to the respect of EU values.

The Authority has been established for the purpose of registering, controlling and imposing sanctions on European Political Parties and European Political Foundations pursuant to the new regulation. It verifies that European political parties and European political foundations observe their obligations and EU fundamental values (art. 3 (1c) (2c). It controls the donations and contributions received by European political parties and foundations and how they are used. It exercises this control with respect to the right to freedom of association and the need to ensure pluralism of political parties in Europe.