NSA spying: Parliament wraps up work on mass surveillance programmes 

Data protection should be kept out of the EU-US trade talks and negotiated separately, MEPs say in a draft resolution, to be voted on Wednesday, which closes their six-month inquiry into US mass surveillance programmes. The EU should suspend its bank data deal with the US and the Safe Harbour privacy principles for US firms, as the fight against terrorism can never justify secret and illegal mass surveillance, they add.

The draft resolution, in which MEPs draw up conclusions and recommendations to boost EU citizens' privacy, also calls for a "European whistle blower protection programme" and points out that Europe should develop its own IT clouds to ensure a higher level of personal data protection.

The civil liberties committee inquiry into mass surveillance of EU citizens began in September 2013. A total of 16 hearings have been held since then.

Debate: Tuesday, 11 March

Vote: Wednesday, 12 March

Procedure: Non-legislative resolution

Press conference: Wednesday, 12 March at 14.00

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