"Mackerel war" with Iceland and the Faroes: MEPs to warn against hasty deal 

The European Commission must not rush into a deal to end the EU’s mackerel fishing dispute with Iceland and the Faroe Islands, Fisheries MEPs warn. As any deal could have "a severe impact on the future of the EU fisheries sector", all options should be considered, they add. They will vote a resolution on this issue on Thursday

Differences over how to divide up mackerel fishing opportunities in the North-East Atlantic have persisted since 2009, when Iceland and the Faroe Islands unilaterally increased their overall share of the catch, claiming a mackerel migration shift in their favour.

However, recent scientific advice recommending a large increase in the total mackerel catch has improved the chances of finding an agreed end to the dispute.

The "worryingly low" stocks of sea-bass will also be debated with the Commission on Thursday. MEPs will urge the Commission to table a multi-annual management plan for sea bass stocks, supported by a scientific study to assess them, as there is a "real lack of reliable data".

Debate: Thursday, 13 March   

Vote: Thursday, 13 March

Procedure: Non-legislative resolution