Red light for controversial seed regulation 

MEPs vote Tuesday on whether or not to throw out the Commission's controversial proposal for plant reproductive material law, also known as the seed regulation, amid concerns that it would give the Commission too much power and leave EU countries without any leeway to tailor the new rules to their needs.

A majority of members of Parliament's Agriculture Committee believe that the draft regulation fails to meet its core objectives such as simplification and innovation and blame the Commission for not checking properly the impact of the proposed rules on small and micro-enterprises.

If Parliament rejects the current draft, MEPs will specify their reasons for doing so in a separate, non-binding resolution.

Debate: Monday, 10 March

Vote: Tuesday, 11 March

Procedure: Co-decision (Ordinary Legislative Procedure), first reading and oral question to Commission (with resolution)

Press conference: Wednesday, 12 March at 16.00 (tbc)

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