Restarting stalled Northern Ireland peace process – debate and vote 

MEPs are set to call on all parties to restart the Northern Ireland peace process, which stalled in December 2013 over issues such as welfare spending, flags and emblems, protests and parading, in a debate on Wednesday and resolution to be voted on Thursday.

MEPsare likely to stress the need to settle these issues, so as to ensure that Northern Ireland’s democratic institutions work, and also to combat unemployment and low pay there, so as to prevent violent, criminal and anti-social activity from undermining the peace process.

European Parliament President Martin Schulz urged all parties to refrain from “dangerous mutual provocation”, and join a new round of talks launched on 16 October to break the stalemate, in his opening address to Parliament’s October plenary session.

Procedure: Commission statement (with resolution)

Debate: Wednesday, 12 November

Vote: Thursday, 13 November