Deferring payments into the EU budget: Parliament is asked to fast track its opinion  

Parliament is to decide on Tuesday whether to fast track its opinion on European Commission plans to allow some member states, which owe the EU budget unusually large sums due to gross national income (GNI) data adjustments, to defer their payments. EU ministers have asked Parliament to give its opinion on the plans as a matter of urgency, so as to allow them to take effect on 1 December, the original deadline for payments.

The European Commission has proposed amending the EU Own Resources Regulation to help member states whose GNI revisions bound them to pay exceptionally high amounts within a tight deadline, i.e. by 1 December 2014.

Before the vote on whether to use the fast-track procedure, one speaker will put the case in favour, and another against. The chair or the rapporteur of the relevant committee might also make a statement. The vote will follow immediately, and if necessary, the President will schedule any subsequent debates and a vote.

The countries affected and amounts owed, according to draft amending budget N° 6, are:

Bulgaria - €7m

Ireland - €6.5m

Greece - €89.4m

Italy - €340.1m

Cyprus - €42.4m

Latvia - €6.5m

Malta - €13.1m

Netherlands - €642.7m

UK - €2.12bn

Vote: Tuesday 25 November

Procedure: Urgent Procedure (Rule 154)

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