Parliament to vote on motion of censure on the European Commission 

A motion of censure on the European Commission as a whole will be debated on Monday day at 18.00, in the presence of Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and all the Commissioners, and put to a vote on Thursday. In order to dismiss the Commission, the motion would have to obtain a double majority: two-thirds of votes cast and a majority of all MEPs (i.e. 376).

If approved, the motion, tabled by 76 EFDD and non-attached MEPs further to Parliament's 12 November "Lux leaks" plenary debate with Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, would confirm that it "has no confidence in Mr Juncker as the President of the European Commission and representative of the European Union vis-à-vis citizens".

The motion was signed by enough MEPs to meet the required threshold of one tenth of MEPs and handed to President Schulz on 18 November. Under Rule 119 of Parliament's Rules of Procedure, the motion must be debated and put to a vote at the next plenary session. Forty-eight hours must elapse between the start of the debate and the vote.

Procedure Code: ([2014/0000](RSP))


Debate: Monday, 24 November

Vote: Thursday, 27 November

Procedure: Motion of censure on the Commission