Vote on plans to waive EU import duties on fruit from Moldova 

MEPs are likely to back plans to suspend duties on EU imports of certain amounts of grapes, apples and plums from Moldova, as a temporary and exceptional measure to offset the damage done to its struggling economy by Russia’s agricultural import ban, in a vote on Wednesday.

Moldova will be able to export up to 40,000 tonnes of fresh apples, 10,000 tonnes of fresh table grapes and 10,000 tonnes of fresh plums to the EU duty free.

This concession comes on top of trade preferences granted to Moldova as part of the “deep and comprehensive free trade area” with the EU, established by the EU-Moldova association agreement, which the European Parliament ratified last month.

Procedure: Ordinary legislative procedure

Procedure Code: 2014/0250(COD)

Debate: Tuesday, 16 December

Vote: Wednesday, 17 December

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