Tar sands: MEPs set to vote on new EU fuel quality rules 

A proposed revision of EU fuel quality rules that disregards the fact that extracting oil from tar sands causes more greenhouse gas emissions than conventional oil drilling will be put to a vote on Wednesday. The Environment Committee rejected the rules on 3 December because they do not include a methodology for assessing emissions from unconventional sources.


The existing EU fuel quality directive requires suppliers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the life cycle of their fuels by at least 6% by 2020 (compared to 2010).

The committee argued that failing to stipulate specific greenhouse gas reduction targets for tar sand oil, as distinct from conventional crude, would lead to an increase in its share of the EU market.

Given that exploiting tar sand oil causes more pollution than conventional drilling, increasing its market share would cause more damage to the environment and aggravate climate change, it said.


Procedure Code: 2014/2931 RPS

Debate/vote: Wednesday, 17 December