Keeping the internet open and free 

A call to keep the internet open and ensure that all internet data and service providers are treated equally (“net neutrality”) will be voted on Wednesday. The draft text, to be debated on Monday, regrets that some states, citing security concerns, are restricting their citizens' internet access or subjecting them to online surveillance. It also underlines the need to involve not only governments, but also NGOs and the private sector, in the debate on future governance of internet.

MEPs are set to urge strong EU support for the UN Internet Governance Forum (IGF) and ask that its mandate be prolonged after the end of 2015. The Internet Governance Forum, founded in 2006, brings together delegates from civil society, governments, industry and international organisations, including the European Parliament. It meets annually, this year in João Pessoa, Brazil, in November.

Procedure: Commission statement followed by debate (with resolution)


Debate: Monday, 9 February

Vote: Wednesday, 11 February

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