Parliament wants to boost equality between men and women in the EU 

MEPs vote on Tuesday on a resolution calling for 10 days' paid paternity leave and recognition of a woman’s right to abortion and contraception. They will point to problems caused by gender inequality such as violence against women, the gender pay gap and the career glass ceiling.

In the draft resolution, MEPs are calling for paid paternity leave of at least 10 working days and deplore the four-year deadlock in the Council over the maternity leave directive. Women must have control over their sexual and reproductive health and rights, not least by having ready access to contraception and abortion, says the text.

Every year the women’s rights and gender equality committee passes a resolution assessing the progress made to achieve equality between women and men.

The equal treatment of men and women is a fundamental right of the European Union and has been enshrined in the Treaties since 1957.The principle of gender equality is central to all EU policy.

The House will debate the resolution on Monday afternoon.

Procedure: non-legislative resolution


Debate: Monday, 9 March

Vote: Tuesday, 10 March

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