Parliament to assess progress of Albania and Bosnia & Herzegovina in 2014 

Parliament debates the reform progress made by Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2014 with Commissioner Johannes Hahn on Wednesday. In its draft resolutions to be voted by the House on Thursday, the foreign affairs committee stresses the need for inclusive, constructive and sustainable political dialogue on reforms and for greater cooperation between the political forces in the two countries.

Both countries need to advance, inter alia, with their democratic processes, tackle corruption and put in place a professional and depoliticized public administration, foreign affairs MEPs say in the two separate resolutions, one for each country. They also say Albania must establish a solid track record for EU-related reforms and political elites in Bosnia and Herzegovina have to show clear commitment to resuming the reform process and moving closer to the EU.

Procedure: non legislative resolutions

Procedure Code: 2014/2952(RSP), 2014/2951(RSP)

Debate: Wednesday, 29 April

Vote: Thursday, 30 April

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