Debate on new "European Agenda on Security"  

MEPs will state their views on the new “European Agenda on Security” in a debate with home affairs Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos on Tuesday afternoon, immediately after the Commission approves it. The security agenda, which updates the EU Internal Security Strategy, sets out key priorities and actions for to fight terrorism, organised crime and cybercrime in 2015-2020.

In a December 2014 resolution on the security agenda, MEPs called on EU member states to cooperate more closely and share relevant data and information faster and more efficiently. They also asked the Commission to take stock of current security tools and stressed that existing laws should be properly enforced "before proposing the creation of new ones".

MEPs also reiterated that all instruments should comply with the principles of proportionality and necessity and include appropriate safeguards for data protection, accountability and judicial redress.

The European Agenda on Security still needs to be formally approved by the Council.

Procedure: Commission statement - decision adopted on the European Agenda on Security (no resolution)


Debate: Tuesday, 28 April

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