Ships’ CO2 emissions: vote on new reporting rules 

Draft EU rules requiring ship owners who use EU ports to monitor and report CO2 emissions each year from January 2018 will be put to a vote on Thursday. These rules, already informally agreed with the Council of Ministers, will apply to ships over 5,000 gross tons, no matter where they are registered, as a first step towards cutting their greenhouse gas emissions.

The rules would establish an EU-wide system for the monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of ships’ greenhouse gas emissions. This system is designed to gather data on emissions and engine efficiency and encourage efforts to cut emissions and fuel consumption. Warships and fishing boats would be excluded.

International shipping is the only means of transport not yet included in EU plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Ships using EU ports currently account for 4% of all greenhouse gas emissions from shipping, a figure that is set to rise substantially in future.

Procedure: Co-decision (Ordinary Legislative Procedure), second reading agreement


Specialist: Baptiste

Debate/vote: Tuesday 28 April

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