Forests: MEPs to demand better management and efficient use of raw materials  

Ideas for boosting competitiveness and creating new jobs in the EU’s forest-based industries will be debated on Monday. Parliament will then give its input to the new EU forest strategy in a non-binding resolution to be voted on Tuesday.

The draft resolution highlights the need for a new joint strategy to tackle cross-border challenges such as forest fires, climate change, natural disasters or invasive alien species, but insists that any specific measure must remain subject to national law.

The new EU forest strategy should replace the one in force since 1998.

Note to editors


Forests cover some 40% of the EU land surface and absorb and store around 10 % of EU carbon emissions. About 60% of the EU's forests are private property. The EU forest sector currently employs over 3 million people.


Procedure: Non-legislative resolution


Debate: Monday, 27 April

Vote: Tuesday, 28 April

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