Gender equality strategy: MEPs to call for clearer targets and better monitoring 

The EU’s new post-2015 gender equality strategy needs clearer targets and more effective monitoring than today’s if it is to make real headway against discrimination in the labour market, education and decision-making, says a draft non-legislative resolution to be debated on Monday afternoon and put to a vote on Tuesday.

The text drafted by the Women's Rights and Gender Equality Committee will provide Parliament’s input to European Commission work on a new strategy to end violence against women and their discrimination in the labour market, political and economic decision making, health, and knowledge and education.

The strategy should also include provisions to protect women’s rights in third countries and promote gender mainstreaming, adds the text, which also calls for progress in all the above areas to be continuously assessed.

Procedure Code: 2014/2152(INI)

Debate: Monday, 8 June

Vote: Tuesday, 9 June

Procedure: Non-legislative resolution

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