Employment: targeted actions and greening jobs 

MEPs are expected to call for more detailed EU employment policy guidelines for EU member states’ efforts to fight youth unemployment and poverty in a debate on Tuesday and a resolution to be voted on Wednesday. Parliament will also debate and vote on a draft resolution on the potential for creating quality jobs by "greening" the economy.

The employment guidelines are EU recommendations to national governments on improving labour markets, workers' skills and combating poverty. MEPs will debate a draft resolution by the Employment Committee calling for public investment to create jobs, less red tape for small and medium-sized enterprises and incentives for young people to start their own businesses.

A separate draft resolution explores the potential for generating new high-quality jobs by stimulating the growth of a more sustainable economy. The sectors best able to deliver “green” jobs include science, research, engineering, digital technology and new technologies, suggests the text.

Another draft resolution advocates reforms to make the EU labour market more competitive, including better matching skills and jobs, stepping up cooperation between universities and businesses, and setting up more lifelong learning schemes for workers,

Procedure: Consultation (Employment guidelines) and non-legislative resolutions (Green employment and Competitive labour market)

2015/0051(NLE) - Employment guidelines

2014/2238(INI) - Green employment initiative

2014/2235(INI) - Competitive labour market

Debate: Tuesday, 7 July

Vote: Wednesday, 8 July

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