Milk, fruit and vegetables: farm income, market shocks and export outlets 

Ways to help EU dairy, fruit and vegetable farmers to boost their bargaining power, competitiveness and ability to withstand market crises will be debated on Monday. Two draft non-legislative resolutions to be put to vote on Tuesday ask the European Commission to secure various export opportunities for EU produce shut out of the Russian market.

In two draft non-binding resolutions, one on milk and the other on fruit and vegetables, MEPs insist that the EU must better balance the food supply chain, further improve milk market monitoring, introduce better tools for dealing with market disturbances and provide further incentives for dairy farmers and fruit and vegetable growers to join forces in producer organisations.

MEPs also encourage EU member states to make better use of "Milk Package" tools, given that milk quotas expired on 31 March this year, and call on the European Commission to help farmers and growers to find new outlets, especially now that Russia has prolonged its embargo on EU foodstuffs.

Procedure: non-legislative resolutions

2014/2147(INI) & 2014/2146(INI)

2014/2146(INI) - dairy sector

2014/2147(INI) - fruit and vegetable sector since the 2007 reform

Debate: Monday, 6 July

Vote: Tuesday, 7 July

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