Copyright: MEPs to air their views ahead of reform proposals 

MEPs will debate and vote on Thursday on ideas for updating copyright rules for the digital age and for protecting Europe’s cultural diversity while helping citizens access it. Issues include the right to create and publish photographs of public buildings and the need to improve access to online content for citizens across borders, while promoting creativity and ensuring fair remuneration for authors and creators.

The draft, non-binding resolution, which assesses the implementation of the key aspects of EU copyright law ahead of proposals from the Commission to overhaul it, calls for adequate provisions to improve access to services and content across borders as “consumers are too often denied access to certain content services on geographical grounds”.

MEPs are also likely to call for measures to strengthen the position of authors and creators and improve their remuneration for the digital distribution of their works, and to urge the Commission to assess the possibility of adapting current exceptions and limitations, e.g. for libraries and researchers, to the digital environment.

Images of public buildings and art works

The legal affairs committee wants to ensure that the permission of the authors of works such as public buildings and art works permanently located in public places is sought before images of these works are used commercially. However, some MEPs want to ensure that these images can be used freely.

The Commission is to table a proposal by the end of 2015 to modernize EU copyright law to make it fit for the digital age.

Procedure: non-legislative resolution


Debate/vote: Thursday, 9 July

Press conference: Wednesday, 8 July at 15:30

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