MEPs to call for systemic change to deliver more resource-efficient economy 

Mandatory waste-reduction targets, revamped ecodesign legislation and measures to break the link between growth and use of natural resources are the key demands set out in a draft resolution to be put to a vote on Wednesday. The text calls on the European Commission to table new legislation by the end of 2015.

The resolution follows up the Commission communication on a “circular economy” package in 2014, tabled together with a legislative proposal on waste which was withdrawn a couple of months later, by the new Commission.

Today’s global economy uses the equivalent of one and a half planets’ worth of resources to produce global output and absorb waste each year. This figure is forecast to rise to two planets’ worth by the 2030s, say MEPs. Europe is more dependent on imported resources than any other region and many will be exhausted in the relatively short term, they add.

Procedure: non-legislative resolution


Debate: Monday, 6 July         

Vote: Wednesday, 8 July

Press conference: Tuesday, 7 July at 14.00

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