Capital Markets Union: MEPs to call for EU-wide approach and focus on SMEs  

The EU Capital Markets Union (CMU) should provide a new, more efficient way to channel savings into business ventures as well as protecting cross-border investors, says a non-binding resolution to be voted on Thursday. On Monday MEPs will quiz Commission representatives on how they plan to develop a specifically European approach to the CMU, SME-friendly regulatory conditions and ensure that the future legislative proposal is consistent and proportionate to needs.

The draft resolution, already approved by the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, says that reliable non-bank sources of finance should be further developed alongside well-established bank financing. EU businesses will be less vulnerable to tight bank lending terms if market players are able to raise debt, equity and venture capital directly from the market, it adds.

Procedure: oral question to the Commission (with resolution)


Debate: Monday, 6 July

Vote: Thursday, 9 July

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