Refugee crisis debate: MEPs to reiterate calls for action  

EU and member state responses to the latest refugee crisis developments, in the Mediterranean, at Calais and on the Western Balkan route, will be debated with the Commission and Council on Wednesday after the State of the Union debate. The issue of how best to deal with mixed flows of migrants - asylum seekers and economic migrants - is also likely to be addressed in the debate. Parliament will vote a resolution on Thursday.

Parliament has called on the EU to step up fair sharing of responsibility and solidarity, including a binding quota for distributing asylum seekers among all EU countries, bigger contributions to resettlement programmes, better cooperation with third countries and tougher measures against people smugglers.

MEPs have also stressed the need to ensure safe and legal access to the EU asylum system.

Procedure: Council and Commission statement followed by a debate

Debate: Wednesday, 9 September,

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