Vote on more robust EU ban on trade in seal products  

There will be fewer exemptions to the EU ban on the trade in seal products, if MEPs adopt new rules on Tuesday. A deal struck with Council in June allows Inuit communities to sell seal products, as seal hunting is an integral part of their culture and identity, but removes the derogation that authorised trading in seal products derived from hunts conducted to protect fishing stocks.

The EU banned the trade in seal products, such as sealskin coats, mitts, bags or seal meat, in 2009 in response to animal welfare concerns but was challenged by the June 2014 World Trade Organisation Its June 2014 ruling noted that the ban on seal products could be justified on moral grounds regarding the welfare of seals but required more clarification of the exceptions applied.

Procedure: Co-decision (Ordinary Legislative Procedure), 1st reading agreement


Debate: Monday, 7 September

Vote: Tuesday, 8 September

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