Car industry: manipulation of exhaust emission tests up for debate  

MEPs will debate the unfolding Volkswagen exhaust emissions scandal on the basis of a parliamentary question. They will ask Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska on Tuesday afternoon to clarify whether emission test manipulation took place in Europe as well as the USA, whether polluting emissions other than NOx, or even CO2, could be involved, and what must be done to improve emissions testing in the EU.

The parliamentary question says that in view of the importance of protecting citizens, their health and the quality of air, as well as consumer trust and confidence in the standards and type approval mechanism used in Europe, it is essential that information be provided to assess whether European testing regimes have also been adversely affected by such manipulation.

Long before the Volkswagen scandal, MEPs repeatedly urged that testing should take more account of emissions in real-world driving conditions, and amended legislation to this end. They pointed out that car manufacturers have exploited weaknesses in the current procedure, leading to official consumption and emission figures far below those achievable every day on the road.

Procedure: Oral question to Commission with resolution

Debate: Tuesday, 6 October

Vote: October III (26-29 October)

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