Small Claims Procedure to ease cross-border recovery of debts up to €5,000 

The simplified EU procedure for recovering small debts across borders will be updated by a draft law to be debated Tuesday and voted on Wednesday. Changes already informally agreed by MEPs and ministers include raising the debt ceiling from €2,000 to €5,000 to enable more claims, and incentives to use electronic tools, such as videoconferencing, to help resolve disputes. The new rules should also further curb court fees.

The EU Small Claims Procedure, in use since 2009, enables citizens and small firms to use standard forms to recover money owed by someone in another EU country. To widen its use, which would remain optional, the law would raise the ceiling on claims covered from €2,000 today to €5,000.

The Small Claims Procedure has cut the cost of cross-border small claims litigation by up to 40% and its average duration from two years and five months to just five months.


Procedure: Co-decision (Ordinary Legislative Procedure), first reading (agreement)

Procedure Code: 2013/0403(COD)

Debate: Tuesday, 6 October

Vote: Wednesday, 7 October

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