Kick-off debate on capital markets union package 

MEPs will quiz Commission Vice-President Jyrki Katainen on Wednesday on the action plan for the EU Capital Markets Union (CMU), which seeks to foster investment in all 28 EU countries by removing barriers and upgrading the investment network.

The Action Plan for the Capital Markets Union was presented on Wednesday 30 September by financial services and CMU Commissioner Jonathan Hill.

MEPs will ask Mr Katainen, who is responsible for jobs, growth investment and competitiveness, about the specifically European approach to the CMU, SME-friendly rules and whether the future legislation will be consistent with existing financial rules.

Parliament passed a non-binding resolution in July, in response to the Commission's launch of its CMU project earlier in the year, which says that reliable non-bank sources of finance should be further developed alongside well-established bank financing. MEPs want CMU building blocks, such as a wider range of investment choices, risk mitigation tools and clear information on investment opportunities across the EU to be in place by 2018.

Procedure: Commission statement followed by debate

Debate: Wednesday, 7 October

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