Net neutrality and end of roaming - final vote 

A ban on "roaming" surcharges for using mobile phones abroad in the EU, to take effect from June 2017, and clear rules on the right to internet access, will become law when Parliament takes its final vote on the new telecoms package on Tuesday.

Roaming fees for calling, sending text messages and usingmobile internet abroad in the EU will be banned from 15 June 2017.

From 30 April 2016 roaming surcharges must not exceed:

  • €0.05 per minute for voice calls
  • €0.02 for text messages (SMS), or
  • €0.05 per megabyte of mobile internet use.

Open access to internet


The new law will oblige firms offering internet access to treat all traffic equally, i.e. not to block or slow delivery of content, applications or services from selected senders or to selected receivers, unless this is necessary to obey court orders, comply with laws, prevent network congestion or combat cyber-attacks.

Performance speeds: deliver or compensate


MEPs ensured that internet providers will have to give users who are about to sign fixed or mobile internet contracts a clear explanation of what download and upload speeds (compared to the advertised speed) they can usually expect. Any significant discrepancy will trigger a right to remedies such as ending the contract or getting compensation.

Procedure: decision (early second reading agreement)


Debate: Tuesday, 27 October

Vote: Tuesday, 27 October

Press conference: Tuesday 27 October at 15:30

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