Vote on recommendations to end aggressive tax planning and tax evasion 

Parliament’s recommendations to combat aggressive corporate tax planning and tax evasion will be debated on Tuesday, and set out in a resolution to be voted on Wednesday. They will include requiring multinational firms to report their financial data country by country, introducing a common consolidated corporate tax base, making EU member states’ tax deals with these firms more transparent and doing more to protect whistle blowers.

The draft resolution, prepared by co-rapporteurs Elisa Ferreira (S&D, PT) and Michael Theurer (ALDE, DE) builds on the principle that multinational companies should pay their taxes where value is created.

They argue that today’s corporate tax competition – prompting aggressive tax planning and evasion, without any agreed framework - is harmful. Apart from the loss of public revenue, it is unfair that big firms should pay hardly any taxes on their profits, while small and medium-sized ones – and citizens - must pay their full share.

Procedure: Non-legislative resolution


Debate: Tuesday 24 November

Wednesday 25 November

Press conference: Wednesday 25 November 15:00

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