Objections to weedkiller-tolerant GMO maize and alien invasive species list 

Two draft resolutions, one objecting to an EU Commission decision authorising the use of glyphosate weedkiller-tolerant GM maize NK603xT25 in food and feed, and the other pointing out that some invasive alien species (IAS) are missing from a draft list of 36 of EU concern, will be put to a vote on Wednesday.

The draft resolution on the 4 December decision authorising the use of GM maize NK603xT25 and MON87427 maize in food and feed, urges the Commission to suspend any further authorisations for GM food and feed as long as the procedure, currently under review, has not been improved.

Invasive species priority list

MEPs will also vote Wednesday on a draft list of 36 invasive alien species (IAS) of European concern. This list was proposed by the European Commission within the new legislative framework for preventing their introduction and managing their spread. Many of the most problematic invasive alien species are missing from the draft, while at the same time, some species that are incapable of causing significant negative impacts are listed, says the second draft resolution.

Procedure: Non-legislative resolution

Debate: Monday, 14 December (on maize)

Votes: Wednesday, 16 December

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