Modernising trade mark legislation: final step 

Updates to make registering trade marks cheaper, quicker and more reliable for firms will be debated on Monday and are likely to be approved on Tuesday. These new rules, informally agreed with the Council of Ministers in April, would also make it possible to impound counterfeit goods in transit through EU territory.

The updated rules would retain the dual system of national and EU trade marks covering all 28 member states, whilst streamlining and further harmonising national and EU trade mark registration procedures and modernising registration requirements, e.g. by making it easier to register new types of trade marks, such as sounds.

A new, better tailored fee structure for EU trade mark registration would also make trade mark protection cheaper, for example by reducing renewal fees.

Procedure: Co-decision (ordinary procedure), second reading agreement


201380088(COD) (Regulation)

Debate: Monday, 14 December

Vote: Tuesday, 15 December

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