MEPs to scrutinise the rule of law in Poland  

Parliament will debate the state of the rule of law and restrictions to press freedom in Poland on Tuesday afternoon, following statements by the Council and the Commission and a declaration by the Polish Prime minister Beata Szydło.

Since the Law and Justice party (PiS) won both the presidential and parliamentary elections in Poland in autumn 2015, the new government has undertaken a series of reforms that critics say restrict democracy. President Schulz of Parliament and Commission vice-president Timmermans have voiced concern for the freedom and pluralism of Poland’s public-service television and radio and for the status of the Constitutional Court. Parliament will vote on a resolution to wrap up the debate in February.

On 13 January the Commission decided to start the first stage of the "Framework for addressing systemic threats to the Rule of Law" in Poland.

Procedure: Council and Commission statements followed by debate


Debate: Tuesday, 19 January

Vote: February I