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Vote on objection to new diesel car emission limits 

A proposal to veto a draft decision to raise diesel car emission limits for nitrogen oxides (NOx) by up to 110% when the long-awaited Real Driving Emissions (RDE) test procedure is introduced will be put to a vote on Wednesday. The Environment Committee argues that Parliament should veto plans to relax the limits because this would undermine the enforcement of existing EU standards. The issue was debated during the January plenary session.

Meanwhile, in a parallel response to Parliament's pressure, on Wednesday 27 January the European Commission proposed a new law on the approval and market surveillance of motor vehicles, in the light of the Volkswagen scandal, into which MEPs set up a 45-strong inquiry committee (EMIS).

Real Drive Emissions

As part of a package to introduce the RDE test procedure, endorsed by EU member states in the Technical Committee for Motor Vehicles (TCMV) on 28 October, the European Commission proposed to raise car NOx emission limits by up to 110% for new models by September 2017, and for new vehicles by September 2019.

In a second step, this discrepancy is to be brought down to 50%, taking account of technical margins of error, by January 2020 for all new models (and by January 2021 for all new vehicles).

The new RDE procedure is designed to make emission tests more realistic by using a portable device to do them on the road. The current laboratory-based procedure suffers from various loopholes which carmakers exploit to brand their products as cleaner than they really are.

Procedure: Legislative resolution (objection to delegated act)


Debate: Monday, 18 January

Vote: Wednesday, 3 February

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