Parliament to give its verdict on six nominees to the European Court of Auditors 

Parliament will vote on Wednesday on the nominations of auditors to the European Court of Auditors from Slovakia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Poland, Malta and Slovenia on the basis of recommendation from the Budgetary Control Committee. The final decision on appointments to the Luxembourg body will be taken by the EU Council of Ministers.

Members of the Court of Auditors are appointed for six years. The Council, after consulting the European Parliament, decides upon the proposals made by each member state. Before the plenary vote, the six nominees were heard in the Budgetary Control Committee (CONT) on 15 March, which recommended rejecting the candidates from Slovakia, Poland and Malta.


Procedure: Consultation - nomination of Members

2016/0803(NLE) - Maltese

2016/0804(NLE) - Slovenian

2015/0814(NLE) - Latvian

2015/0815(NLE) - Czech

2015/0816(NLE) - Slovak

2015/0817(NLE) - Polish

Vote: Wednesday, 13 April