Parliament to give its verdict on EU budget management in 2014 

Parliament will give its verdict on the management of EU funds, by EU institutions, decentralized agencies and joint undertakings in 2014, in a vote on Thursday. The Budgetary Control Committee recommended on 4 April that Parliament should postpone approving spending by three joint private sector-EU partnerships in technology field, the Council of Ministers and the European Council, because they have yet to provide additional documents and information.

In the annual budget “discharge” procedure, Parliament, as the EU's sole discharge authority, verifies whether EU funds were spent according to the rules. It may grant, postpone or refuse to grant a discharge, which is the seal of approval required for the formal closure of institutional accounts.

The EU Commission is legally responsible for the biggest chunk of the funds, amounting to €142.5 billion in 2014, but 80% of all EU funding is in fact managed locally, by EU member states.


Procedure: Discharge

Vote: Thursday, 28 April