MEPs to renew call for mandatory country of origin labelling of meat and milk 

MEPs are set to reiterate their support for introducing mandatory country of origin labelling of meat and milk, in a debate on Wednesday. A resolution will be put to a vote on Thursday. Mandatory labelling would help maintain consumer confidence in food products by making the food supply chain more transparent, says the text.

In their draft, MEPs point out that according to a 2013 Eurobarometer survey:

  • 84% of EU citizens consider it necessary to indicate the origin of milk,

  • 88% consider such labelling necessary for meat (other than beef, swine, sheep, goat and poultry meat, which are already covered), and

  • more than 90% consider such labelling important for processed foods.

Note for editors


Parliament has voted several resolutions on country of origin labelling. In its resolution of 11 February 2015 on meat in processed foods, it urged the Commission to come up with legislative proposals to make the indication of the origin of meat in processed foods mandatory, in order to ensure greater transparency throughout the food chain and to better inform European consumers. However, the Commission has yet to make any such proposals, citing the costs of mandatory country of origin labelling to industry and predicting that consumers would not be willing to meet the additional costs.

Procedure: Oral question to Commission (with resolution)


Debate: Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Vote: Thursday, 12 May 2016

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