Single Market Strategy and non-tariff barriers 

Ways to unleash the full potential of the single market, to the benefit of consumers, employees and businesses, and particularly start-ups, will be debated and set out in a resolution to be voted on Thursday. Priorities include eliminating unjustified barriers to trade, helping start-ups and SMEs to scale up their activities, reforming VAT rules, developing legislative tools to foster the sharing economy and building a strong culture of compliance and enforcement.

The report on the Single Market Strategy, drafted by Lara Comi (EPP, IT), is Parliament's response to the EU Commission Communication "Upgrading the Single Market: more opportunities for people and business", presented in 28 October 2015.

Non-tariff barriers in the single market will be discussed on Wednesday. A report by Daniel Dalton (ECR, UK), which highlights the barriers that SMEs face when trying to trade across the EU and suggests ways to overcome them, will also be voted on Thursday.

Procedure: non-legislative resolutions

Debates: Wednesday (non-tariff barriers) and Thursday (Single Market Strategy)

Votes: Thursday 26 May

2015/2354(INI) - Single market strategy

2015/2346(INI) - Non-tariff barriers in the single market

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