Vote on ways to boost European rail supply industry competitiveness  

Recommendations to boost the competitiveness of Europe’s rail supply industry, which makes everything from rails and rolling stock to signals, and protect it from unfair overseas competition, will be set out in draft recommendations to the EU Commission to be debated and put to a vote on Thursday.

The Commission will be quizzed on future measures to promote rail supply industry manufacturing growth, innovation and sustainability but also how the industry would be affected if China is granted market economy status that may further threaten European jobs.

The draft text sets out recommendations on the future shape of the European rail stock sector, infrastructure and investment. MEPs are expected to ask what the Commission can do to boost demand for European rail products, while protecting the market against dumping from third countries, and whether and when it would be prepared to table a comprehensive industrial policy strategy for the sector.

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The European rail supply industry employs 160,000 people in Europe, almost half of whom work for German and French locomotive manufacturers.

Question for oral answer to the Commission (with resolution)


Debate/vote: Thursday, 9 June

Vote: Thursday, 9 June

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