Parliament to reiterate its call for action on endocrine disruptors  

Parliament is set to reiterate on Wednesday its demand that the European Commission publish the overdue scientific criteria needed to identify and tackle exposure to hormone-disrupting chemicals, which should have been published by the end of 2013.

The European Court of Justice ruled in December 2015 that the EU executive had breached EU law by failing to do so and MEPs have repeatedly urged the EU to clamp down on the substances.

In a March 2013 resolution, Parliament called on the Commission to act to reduce exposure to endocrine disruptors, which have been linked to increases in cases of impaired sperm quality, early onset of puberty, certain cancers and other disorders.

A wide range of chemicals are suspected of having endocrine-disrupting properties that interfere with the functioning of hormones, but defining scientific criteria to identify them is a highly complex task. The Commission's delay in delivering the criteria has drawn strong reactions from industry and consumers. It is expected to come up with scientific criteria and to present the legal acts required before summer 2016.

Procedure: Commission statement followed by debate (with resolution)


Debate: Wednesday, 25 May

Vote: Wednesday, 8 June