Fighting human trafficking: debate and vote on a new EU strategy 

Plans to develop a new EU post-2016 anti-trafficking strategy to fight the flagrant reality of trafficking in human beings, one of the worst forms of human rights abuses, will be debated on Monday and put to a vote on Tuesday. This prevention strategy should include action by EU and member states' external services to address poverty, oppression, lack of respect of human rights, armed conflict and economic and social inequalities, says the draft resolution.

MEPs are likely to call for transnational, legal and practical responses to human trafficking, which is one of world’s most profitable organised criminal activities, alongside trade in illegal drugs and arms.

Background information


According to the latest Global Slavery Index, an estimated 35.8 million people are trapped in modern slavery worldwide while according to the ILO, around 21 million people worldwide are in forced labour, being trafficked for labour and sexual exploitation or being held in slave-like conditions.

Debate: Monday, 4 July

Vote: Tuesday, 5 July

Procedure: Non-legislative resolution