Recommendations for fairer and clearer corporate tax rules 

A lengthy list of recommendations to make corporate taxation fairer and clearer is to be debated on Tuesday and put to a vote on Wednesday.


The draft text - prepared by the Special Committee on Tax Rulings II - calls inter alia for an EU public register of beneficial owners of companies, a tax havens blacklist, sanctions against non-cooperative tax jurisdictions, action against abuse of “patent box” (intellectual property revenue) regimes, a code of conduct for banks and tax advisors, tax good governance rules in all EU trade agreements and a withholding tax on profits leaving the EU.

The co-rapporteurs were Jeppe Kofod (S&D, DK) and Michael Theurer (ALDE, DE).

Debate: Tuesday, 5 July

Vote: Wednesday, 6 July

Procedure: Non legislative resolution

Press conference: Wednesday 09:30

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