Vote on using asylum seekers’ EU relocation places for refugees from Turkey 

A proposal to take 54,000 places from a scheme for relocating asylum seekers from Greece and Italy to other EU member states, and use them to resettle Syrian refugees from Turkey in the EU instead, will be put to a vote on Wednesday. Civil Liberties Committee MEPs object that the intra-EU relocation scheme should not be mixed up with the resettlement one, which involves a non-EU country.

The EU Commission wants to use 54,000 of the 120,000 places on the relocation scheme agreed by EU leaders in September 2015 to resettle Syrians from Turkey in the EU, in line with the EU-Turkey migration deal.

Rather than using these 54,000 relocation places for resettlement, Civil Liberties Committee MEPs would like to see them shared between Greece (41,236) and Italy (12,764), like the remaining 66,000, as migratory pressure on these two countries remains high.

“Resettlement should not take place at the expense of relocation”, says the text prepared by Ska Keller (Greens, DE), noting that whereas relocation is a form of internal solidarity, among EU member states, resettlement is a form of external solidarity, with third countries hosting the majority of refugees.

Procedure: Consultation


Vote: Wednesday 14 September

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