Duty of EU firms to respect human rights: MEPs to call for EU rules 

Clear EU rules requiring firms established in EU member states or under their jurisdiction abroad to respect human rights in all their global operations must be laid down and enforced, urge MEPs in a draft resolution to be debated on Monday and voted on Tuesday. They also advocate creating a certified “abuse-free” product label at EU level to raise awareness of corporate social responsibility among producers and consumers.

EU companies using raw materials or commodities that might originate from conflict-affected areas should provide complete information on the content and origin of products, say MEPs. They also call for the EU’s export control law on civilian/military “dual use” items to be updated, since "technologies made by European companies are still causing human rights violations all over the world".

Procedure: non-legislative procedure


Debate: Monday, 24 October

Vote: Tuesday, 25 October