MEPs to urge EU countries to step up defence cooperation  

The EU should tackle deteriorating security in and around Europe by helping its armed forces to work together better, as a first step in building a common defence policy, says a draft resolution to be debated on Monday and voted on Tuesday. Devoting 2% of GDP to defence, establishing multinational forces and EU headquarters to plan and command crisis management operations, and enabling the EU to act where NATO is unwilling to do so are among the ideas MEPs want followed up.

More support for member states fighting Daesh

The Common Security and Defence policy (CSDP) should be radically overhauled in order to assert the EU’s strategic autonomy, says a separate resolution to be debated on Tuesday and voted on Wednesday.

It also urges the Council to set up a fund to provide urgent funding for the initial phases of military operations and suggests launching CSDP training operations in Iraq to support member states involved in the coalition against Daesh.

Procedure:  Non-legislative resolutions

2016/2052(INI) - European defence union

2016/2067(INI) - Common security and defence policy

Debate: Monday, 21 November (EDU), Tuesday, 22 November (CSDP)

Votes: Tuesday, 22 November (EDU), Wednesday, 23 November (CSDP) 

Press Conference: Tuesday, 22 November at 15.00

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